Traditional sounds

Concert of traditional music with Michalis and Kostas Begio.

The biggest musical event of  instruments in Halkidiki. The sound of the clarinet traditionally accompanies every major event in the small towns and villages of the province of Voio, Kozani: weddings, christenings, national and religious celebrations.

Virtuoso musicians are mostly fully self-taught and offer an air of authenticity that is not associated with academic musicians. They play with the ear quite spontaneously, based on their imagination and musical memory. They play from their heart and soul and their music reaches the listeners precisely for these qualities.The sound of the clarinet and the trumpet is a way of purifying the heart and the soul.

Place : Αmphitheater Siviris, Kassandra Chalkidiki

Time : 21:00

Within the framework of the Cassandra Festival 2017.


With her wonderful voice, her thrilling appearance and the positive energy she always releases, she creates unique and unforgettable moments in her live appearances. With a unique program full of wonderful songs that we all loved, singular performances, intense feelings, tension and special performances, Natassa Theodoridou will travel and fill us music during our summer evenings.

At Amphitheater of Siviri, Halkidiki.

Start Time: 21:00

In the framework of the Siviri Festival,

 Kassandra, Chalkidiki

Barbara Festival 2017

The Barbara Festival starts today and promises to impress us for the three days it will last. The beginning will be made by the excellent Melina Kana and Eleonora Zouganeli who will fill the summer night with music and singing with their wonderful repertoire. Next to the two ladies will be Panos Papaioannou as well as Rom Royal with their Balkan listening. The festival is an opportunity for visitors to find themselves in the mountainous Varvara of Chalkidiki and to experience its beauties as well as to taste the excellent local cuisine.

The event is organized by the Cultural Association of Varvara and the Cultural Association of Varvarios of Thessaloniki.

Location: Varvara, Chalkidiki

Day: 3/08/17

Start time: 21:30

Polygyros Festival

Polygyros Festival

With a program full of artistic actions and events that cover all forms of art and culture, as well as sports activities, this summer we welcome the Municipality of Polygyros.

The Polygyros Festival, which is held this year for the ninth consecutive year, aims to fill the days and nights of tourists and the locals with dance, singing and fun. The Polygyros Folk Group in the framework of this festival organizes an evening of Greek greek music at Polygyros Pedestrian Street.


Start time: 21:00

Location: Pedestrian area of ​​Polygyros, Chalkidiki

Magician Sankara "The Magic Man"

Magician Sankara "The Magic Man"


The illusionist Sankara presents the all-new magic show "The Magic Man" in a spectacle of recreational magic and hallucinations.


Sankara, known for his unique humor and magic, always manages to magnify viewers of all ages with impressive tricks: a girl's portrait gets flesh and bones, his partner passes through Shankara's body and Sankara Hanging in front of the astonished eyes of spectators. A show for young and old that will surely fascinate you!

Day: 1/08/17

Start Time: 21:00

Location: Siviris Amphitheater, Kassandra Chalkidiki


Within the framework of the Cassandra Festival 2017

Barbara Festival 2017

Barbara Festival 2017

The Barbara Festival, which takes place in Varvara, Chalkidiki, is an effort of the Varvaras Cultural Association, which takes care of the contact of the place with "today", since Varvara is located in a mountainous area of ​​Halkidiki.

Well-known artists over the years support the events with their presence

 The festival is an opportunity for the visitor to watch the concerts while enjoying the climate offered by Varvara (600m altitude), the natural beauty of the place and mountainous Halkidiki, as well as tasting the local cuisine. Definitely a different proposal to explore the other side of Halkidiki, which is as beautiful as its summer beauties.


This year, the festival will be held from 3 to 5 August in Varvara, Chalkidiki, where free camping




4th Salvation Seminar on 29 and 30 July in Nea Iraklia, Halkidiki

The seminar includes theory and practice in first aid in drowning and heat stroke and rescue techniques in the wet element.

Also rope training will be carried out in naval knots.

At the end of the training, all participants (after being evaluated) will have the right to receive Baylin Lifeguards as a lifeguard at a privileged price as well as a 20% discount on tuition fees for health and social services.

At the end of the seminar, diplomas will be awarded to all participants.

The cost of participation is 5 euros per person for all training.


Place: Nea Iraklia, Chalkidiki

Day: 29-30 July


Aboout Art ...

In the cellars of Gerakini

For the fifth consecutive year, the Association of Fine Artists of Polygyros organizes the group art exhibition with the general title "... in the cellars of Gerakini".

5th Exhibition "In the cellars of Gerakini" "Halkidiki as a place of inspiration: mythology, history, tradition, environment" at the ore deposits of the Lefkolithos Mines at Gerakini beach. 75 artists were inspired and depicted in their own way Halkidiki, its mythology, its history, its rich tradition and its unique natural beauty. For the first time this year, works will also be hosted by the Art Artists Association of Northern Greece and by the Art Club of Northern Greece.

 Organization: Association of Fine Artists of Polygyros. With the support of Hellenic Lehlioliths SA And the Municipality of Polygyros.

Place: Gerakini beach

Day: Thursday 27 July - Sunday 30 July

Opening hours: 19: 00-23: 00.


"Hansel and Gretel"


"Hansel and Gretel"

The playground of Yiannis Christopoulos brings up the work Hansel and Gretel, inspired by the Grimm Brothers fairy tale.

The story of the fairy tale refers to a terrible witch who attracts children to her candy house to eat, but the witch has the ability to transform herself into a beautiful woman. That's because evil in real life has the ability to disguise itself in something beautiful. There is still the witch's cat who is the comic element of the work and who constantly fights with him with his conscience. There are brothers, Hansel and Gretel, innocent but intelligent, with a very strong bond between them and with the longing to support their widow's father, who, due to lack of a woman, falls victim to the satanic but charming witch.


The show wants to pass on the message to the children, that in the fight against evil the greatest defense is the power of the family.

The actors are shown:

Giannis Piskitzis, Elena Kalligeri, Petros Nicolaou, Manolis Kontaxakis and Konstantina Sanni.

Place: New Moudania Amphitheater



In the framework of the "2017 Sea Festival"

Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki